The students of AIM Kolkata have excelled in their respective fields. Students have graduated from the institute to become social entrepreneurs, business leaders and decision-makers, artists, authors, corporate managers and other such successful individuals. This group of esteemed AIM alumni are brought together at the Army Institute of Management Kolkata Alumni Association (AIMKAA). The collective wealth of knowledge of the alumni members is of great value to the institute.

Till date, AIM Kolkata has produced as many as 2000+ alumni members (139+ MCA alumni from MCA 1 to MCA 5, 1434+ MBA alumni from MBA 1 to MBA 19), who have been placed as international heads of businesses(in India or in Foreign Country) – in different countries and continents. Banking, information technology, FMCG and infrastructure are some of the spheres where the AIMK students have made a mark and many of them are entrepreneurs working for themselves and have their own companies.

The role of the Alumni Association in helping AIM Kolkata realizing its mission and visions cannot be overemphasized. The goals and objectives of the institute are also suitably modified, as per the expert advice of the alumni members. The Alumni Association, indeed, offers holistic support to AIM – in all its spheres.alumini

In one academic year four alumni meets are held. One each in Kolkata, Pune, Bangalore and Delhi. Kolkata alumni meet is the biggest and is called Nostalgia. Nostalgia is usually clubbed with the Medal Award Ceremony.




NIMC/AIMK Alumni Database