The Army Institute of Management, Kolkata is organizing a Workshop,
whose details are as below: 
Topic:  Advanced Research Methodology
Duration:  7 days (19 Jan – 27 Jan 2019 )
Timing :  10AM – 4.30PM 

Completion Certificate shall be given to all the participants.

Completely filled in Application Form must reach us by 6 Jan 2019.

Fee Details: Rs 3000/-  

Out station participants shall not be provided with travel assistance/ accommodation

Contact: /

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Past Few Faculty Development Programmes

21 MAY, 2016

Lecture on information about business models for social change by Dr. Mary Conway (Associate Professor,Rollin’s College,Florida(USA))

The session followed by a warm welcome by the emcee. After that, Dr.Mary Conway introduces herself to the students of MBA batch-19. Madam has started the session by introducing herself as well as a new concept of entrepreneurship and the military. She told us about entrepreneurial tasks: Searching, Planning, Allocating and Implementing. She told us about companies such as Rally Point and Sword & Plough which are a mixture of entrepreneurship and the military. She gave exemple of Adam Smith and Harish Hande. Last but not the least she focused not on getting job but on creating job by solving problems which company is facing. The overall session was very interactive. She ended her speech by wishing a great future to the MBA -19 Batch and a thanking note to the college. 



13 MAY, 2016

The Faculty Development Programme by Prof. (Dr.) Ramendra Singh (Associate Professor, Marketing, IIM, Calcutta) on Effective Teaching and Learning 

Dr. Ramendra Singh having an illustrious corporate and also an academic career shared his experiences. He started with how in today’s world the focus needs to be on effective methods of learning rather than the effective methods of teaching. He spoke about the most sought after form of learning i.e. experiential.

He gave a clear picture about the expectations of a student and as well as that of the teacher. Dr. Singh emphasized that over the time students have changed according to the need of the hour. The teacher presents them with a complete ‘layout’ from which a student picks keeping in mind his predefined goals. The fast paced world has forced both the student as well as the teacher to evolve from their existing roles. Dr. Singh stated that a faculty should facilitate the learning process and act like a catalyst. 



9 MAY, 2016

Faculty Development Programme by Prof. (Dr.) K.K. Chaudhuri (Advisor, heritage Business School) on Teaching Pedagogy in B-school 

The session was intended to make the faculty aware of the various ways the class can me made interesting and the way to improve learning for the students. The session started with discussion related to the University syllabus and the logic behind the structure for the same. Thereafter the purpose of lesson plan was discussed, it was understood that it an important component and makes the students prepared for the sessions. This helps them to make themselves aware of the topic and be in a position to understand the topic better and also ask questions.

Dr. Chaudhuri emphasized on the way a class should be taken and how it should be structured. The class should be started with the objective and a recap, followed by the session and then the summary. This kind of structure helps in bringing the proper flow of though and better understanding in the students.