The VUCA world of today throws myriad challenges to the decision makers which can be overcome through conscious decisions backed by knowledge and information. Enhancing knowledge, capabilities and skills is a lifelong process, more so in the perspective of ever-changing dynamics of corporate world. Army Institute of Management strives to support practitioners and decision makers by equipping them with the latest and the most appropriate skill sets that provide a headstart to be ahead of competition. The Annual Calendar of Management Development Programme covers 13 courses, providing an opportunity to learn and upgrade in almost all functional areas.

These programmes -

  • Revisit the basics and fundamental concepts, which managers tend to forget while making quick decisions to match with fast changing market dynamics.
  • Provide an opportunity of experience sharing between executives of different industries and different regions, helping broaden their understandings across different market situations.
  • Refresh and invigorate with a renewed campus experience.
Sl NoProgramme NameDurationTentative datesProgramme DirectorFees (INR)
1Semiotics and Language2 Days12-13 Jan 2024Dr Abhishek Kumar15000
2Product Innovation Management2 Days16-17 Feb 2024Dr Malini Majumdar15000
3Finance for Non-Finance Professionals2 Days23-24 Feb 2024Dr. J. N. Mukhopadhyaya15000
4Labour Legislations2 Days12-13 April 2024Prof. Abhilash Acharya15000
5Leadership (Junior Management)2 Days28-29 April, 2024Prof. Abhilash Acharya15000
6Being and Becoming a Leader (Middle & Senior Management)2 Days02-03 May 2024Dr Abhishek Kumar15000
7Communication Skills2 Days10-11 May 2024Prof. Abhilash Acharya15000
8Brand Sustainability in a VUCA world2 Days17-18 May 2024Dr Malini Majumdar15000
9Team Building2 Days21-22 June 2024Prof. Abhilash Acharya15000
10Human Development Lab3 Days21-23 Dec 2024Dr Abhishek Kumar15000


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In-Company Programmes:

The existing training courses in the catalogue can also be delivered exclusively to a targeted group of employees of a company. The modalities can be tailored to meet the needs and training objectives of the company with precision. Apart from that, there is further scope of –
  • Tailor-made training, involving unique pedagogical engineering where an ad hoc, exclusive and personalised programme can be created aimed at addressing the specific problems of an organisation.
  • Assessment Centre: to identify management potential and suitability for higher functional positions of a candidate. The modalities can be worked out with mutual consent.
For details of such programs, the MDP Office may be contacted:
MDP Office:
Mr Shubhrajyoti Das - 9830357790