Campus and Student Life is dedicated to helping students, staff, and faculty experience college life at its fullest. We have a profound commitment to the diversity of our community and are focused on creating an environment where you can thrive. Through our wide array of programs and services, we provide opportunities and experiences that build community, help you grow personally and professionally, and create a place that you can call home now and throughout your life.

The AIMK campus is highly conducive for the personal as well as the professional development of students and faculty members. A warm, community feeling is fostered at the campus, where all students are helped to concentrate fully on their respective pursuits. Infrastructural solidity and technological excellence add to the overall attractions of the campus.
Complete residential facilities are offered to the students. The facilities and amenities present at the boys’ and the girls’ hostels are at par with the best in the world.
Classrooms of different sizes are present in the main administrative wing of AIM. In addition, conference rooms, a richly-stacked library, lounge areas, group study rooms and faculty offices are also present in this building.
Computing, video conferencing and technological collaboration are some instances of the advanced facilities that are available at the classrooms. The institute is supported by a top-notch IT platform, and has state-of-the-art audio and video networks. Safe internet browsing options are presented to all the students and faculties within the campus.
Spirits of leadership, mutual respect, collaboration and responsibility-sharing are fostered at the physical as well as the virtual campuses of the institute.
We take pride in forming lifelong relationships with all its students – a relationship that only grows stronger over time.