8 different clubs form the overall Students’ Club of AIMK. Separate, well-demarcated responsibilities are taken up by each of the clubs. The social interaction capacities of the students are bolstered through the Club’s activities, and they are also encouraged to participate in a wide range of activities. ‘Inferno’, the much-awaited annual fest of AIMK, is organized entirely by the students. They take care of all the aspects of organizing the event, including inviting participants from other colleges, and other management issues.

Each of the clubs comprises of 3 members and is dedicated to provide the students with valuable practical exposure to the outer world. The members are either elected through a voting procedure, or are nominated by virtue of their excellent past track record in different fields of activities. Peer learning and knowledge-sharing remain right at the top of the clubs’ list of priorities. Different functional activities are also encouraged.

We will here take a sneak peek of the different clubs:

  • Sampark – The club looks to add value to all the HR-related policies and functions of the institute.
  • E-cell – Entrepreneurship development activities are looked after by this club.
  • Vikreta – A fun element is added to all the marketing drives and processes conducted by the institute.
  • Striker – This club is in charge of organizing all the sports activities during ‘Inferno’, the annual fest of AIM Kolkata.
  • Akriti – Akriti looks to draw out unexpressed thoughts and feelings from people, through a wide range of innovative activities.
  • Kuber – Familiarity with the latest financial and economic trends is fostered through the activities of this club.


MBA26 Club Coordinators
HR Club Swarnima Chakraborty
Shubham Verma
Marketing ClubAnwesha Pal
Sumit Anand
Financial ClubAnjali Dubey
Sneha Roy Chowdhury
Business Analytics ClubVikas Tripathi
Club In charge - CulturalAlisha
Club In charge - FashionAleena Mallick
Club In charge - SportsShubham Rai
Club In charge - MovieShatayu Chandrakant Patil
Club In charge - Photography and ContentAparna P
Club In charge - Art and CraftSuraj Ghosh
Club In charge - Scholar Sayan Mondal