The following Scholarships are provided to the students of Army Institute of Management Kolkata

TATA Merit Scholarships are awarded by TATA Defence Welfare Corpus to Army Students ranking first and second each year through Rehabilitation and Welfare Section, Ceremonial and Welfare Directorate, Adjutant General’s Branch, Integrated Headquarters MoD (Army), Kashmir House, Rajaji Marg New Delhi- 110011. The students standing first are being awarded Rs. 20,000/- and standing second Rs. 15,000/-.

Army Commander’s Scholarships amounting to Rs 25,000/- each are awarded by HQ Eastern Command to two students of each batch every year.

DLF Raghvendra Scholarships amounting to Rs 50,000/- each are awarded by DLF Foundation to two students of each batch every year. This has been introduced since 2011-2012.

AGIF Scholarships amounting to Rs 40,000/- each are awarded from Army Group Insurance Fund to fifteen students (of Army category) of each batch every year. This has been introduced in 2012.

The Institute congratulates the following recipients of the scholarships 

Army Commander’s Scholarships 

Mr. Zeeshan Ahmed Khan (MBA - 17) - Rs. 25,000/-

Ms. Debalina Chakraborty (MBA - 17) - Rs. 25,000/-

Ms. Sahana Sikdar (MBA - 17) - Rs. 25,000/-

Mr. Namrata Banerjee (MBA - 17) - Rs. 25,000/-

Mr. Sanjoy Dutta (MBA -14) - Rs. 25,000/-

Ms. Pinky Ghildiyal (MBA-14) - Rs. 25,000/-

Mr. Madireddi Giresh (MBA-13) - Rs. 25,000/-

Mr. Suraj Anand (MBA-13) - Rs. 25,000/-

TATA Merit Scholarships
Ms. Swati Tiwari (MBA-13) - Rs.20,000/-
Ms. Shivani Jetley (MBA-13) – Rs.15,000/-
Ms. Divina Raghav (MBA-14) – Rs.20,000
Ms. Parul Bedi (MBA-14) – Rs.15,000/-

DLF Raghvendra Scholarships

Ms. Anushka Mukherjee (MBA-15)
Mr. Amit Kumar (MBA-15)